Robert Cunningham began doing carpentry work in conjuction with his hardware store in Winnebago, Illinois in the 1940's. His sons, Warren and Raymond, joined him after they served in the military service in the 1950's. Together they built many of the homes and farm buildings around rural Winnebago. Bob and his sons were well known for their quality work and attention to detail. Each job was completed from start to finish by Cunningham Construction; from the foundation and rough framing to the cabinets and trim, they did it all.
We are building our first home and are very happy to have chosen Cunningham Construction. After interviewing several contractors, we are confident we have made the correct decision. Guy and Darla have been a tremendous help in the ongoing revisions of our original brown paper draft. The honesty, patience and down-to-earth attitude of Guy and Darla was a major factor in our choosing Cunningham Construction to build our dream home.

Craig & Sue Hultgren